What should I wear?
You have the choice of wearing something either casual or chic, just don't come in sports wear or PJs.

Where do we meet?
Every event will start at a different pub, you will find the meeting pub in the Facebook event description.

When will your event(s) happen?
You can go to the events section of our website to see our future events, you can also subscribe on the events page to receive notifications of future events by email.

What time do we start?
We start at 8.30pm, and then we will be moving out towards the second pub. Try to be on time so that you make the best of our deal. If you're late and we already moved, you can ask where we are and catch up with us but you'll miss out on the first pub's deal. 

What does my $20 get me?
4 of Beirut's greatest spots, 2 free drink coupons, free welcome shots & 50% drink discounts, 100% free admissions, like-minded people, awesome guides, party accessories, and an unforgettable night out in Beirut!

What are the pubs like?
Events begin in pubs with a calm atmosphere, and then increase in intensity. Thankfully we have done the research for you so we know exactly where and when to go.

Do we need transportation between the venues?
No. Venues are all within 2 minutes walking distance of each other.

What time do we arrive at the last venue?
Approximately 11:00 PM.

Is there an age restriction?
Yes, all participants should be 18 years or older, bring a valid ID.